General Student Resources

Access USC Email

All USC students are granted a USC email account.

  • Set up your USC email account
  • Check your email daily for messages from the Masters Program Office concerning registration, news and events. Faculty send important assignments, changes and announcements for class meetings, and other notices to your USC email address.

Contact Through a Non-USC Email Address

Instructions on how to forward your USC email account messages to another account that you use more frequently, can be found at ITS Email Forwarding

Writing Resources

For more information contact the MAT & Master’s Programs writing advisor.

  • APA Citations: This document provides an easy reference for formatting the names of authors in in-text and parenthetical citations.
  • Apostrophes, Possessives: A quick review of the rules of apostrophe usage, and common errors to avoid
  • Check List: A “Things to Do” list before submitting your final draft for grading
  • Citations, consecutive and ibid: Tired of repeating the same citation in sentence after sentence? This document provides alternative ways to cite when you’re drawing consistently from the same source.
  • Passive Voice, Grammatical Person: An explanation of what passive voice is, and how to avoid it. Also, tips on using first and third persons.
  • Rough Plan Worksheet: This is an organizational tool to help create more seamless, well-ordered papers.
  • Sample APA Paper: Written about APA formatting, USING APA formatting! A handy reference piece.
  • Topoi: A helpful worksheet for generating ideas and fighting writer’s block

Research Resources

Videos – APA Formatting, Quotations Usage, and Citations