Other Student Organizations

Graduate Student Government

The GSG mission is to enhance the University of Southern California graduate and professional student experience by serving as the face of the student body. To accomplish this, GSG is responsible for managing student resources efficiently, providing a voice for the student community, building a community that fosters interdisciplinary exchanges, and informing students about their rights, resources, and opportunities.

President: Nikita T. Hamilton
Email: gsgpres@usc.edu
Website: gsg.usc.edu

Student Community of Ph.D.’s in Education (SCOPE)

The Student Community of Ph.D.’s in Education (SCOPE) provides a forum for students to share ideas and voice opinions about issues in urban education research and policy, and provides opportunities for collaboration as students progress through the program. SCOPE also fosters a sense of community and facilitates social interaction among Ph.D. students and faculty.

President: Joanna Drivalas
Email: drivalas@usc.edu
Affiliated programs: Ph.D. (Urban Education Policy)

Educational Doctorate Student Assembly (EDSA)

The Educational Doctorate Student Assembly (EDSA) is the official USC student organization for Ed.D. students. EDSA helps Ed.D. students get to know each other outside the classroom and across cohorts, establish and sustain alumni relations, explore and promote academic and career issues in the field of Education. Throughout the year, EDSA sponsors and co-sponsors lectures, research presentations, mixers, networking events, and other social and academic activities.

President: Brenda Montaine
Email: montaine@usc.edu
Affiliated programs: Ed.D. (Educational Leadership, Organizational Change and Leadership, Global Executive)

JENGA Doctoral Association (JDA)

JENGA Doctoral Association (JENGA aka JDA)- JENGA is an African-centered Swahili term meaning to build. As of January 2016, this inaugural USC student organization is open to all doctoral students in Rossier who have a desire to access a diverse cultural and social network that will serve as a support towards persistence and completion of a doctorate of education degree.The purpose of this organization is to explore professional development, promote academic and career opportunities related to the field of Education while establishing and sustaining alumni relationships through mentorship. Members will participate in community outreach events cooperatively with the university and other organizations. As well as bring in experts in the field of Education to promote diverse cultural awareness.

President: Khalisha Jefferson
Email: jengausc@gmail.com
Affiliated programs: Ed.D. (Educational Leadership, Organizational Change and Leadership, Global Executive)

Educators for Queer Alliance (EQuAl)

The graduate organization Educators for Queer Alliance was created in the Fall of 2008. EQuAl is a graduate organization for anyone interested in promoting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, and Intersexed (LGBTQI) awareness on campus and among fellow educators. We work alongside the LGBT Resource Center and other organizations on campus, including other LGBT graduate organizations, to promote this awareness.

Website: http://sites.google.com/site/uscequal

MAT Connect

USC MAT Connect is a student-led association that keeps its students in the know on all things MAT. Priding ourselves in delivering what the MAT students want, we stand as their voice, organize professional development, participate in community outreach and service projects, and provide an environment that connects students to each other. Our goal is to provide Rossier MAT students with a multitude of experiences to prepare them for a career in education.

President: Ellen Walsh, ellenwal@usc.edu
Email: matconnectinfo@gmail.com
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/uscmatconnect/home
Affiliated programs:
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Marriage and Family Therapy Student Organization (MFT-SO)

The Marriage and Family Therapy Student Organization (MFT-SO) was founded as way to bridge the gap between the first-year cohort, second-year cohort and third-year cohort. The organization strives to be four things-a social organization, a professional organization and a community organization and most importantly to have a great time with our fellow classmates.

On the social front, we plan get-togethers such as the one welcoming the incoming first-years in July, and two Christmas/holiday parties in December. As a professional organization, we hope to have speakers come and present, as well as attend conferences in the area to help advance our professional development, such as the upcoming AAMFT conference in Sacramento. As a community organization, we have participated in the USC Friends and Neighbors Day program helping a local organization clean and beautify their facilities by planting flowers and organization all their supplies.

MFT-SO strives for collaboration between the cohorts to plan many fun and exciting events for all to enjoy.

Student Representatives:
Sarah Cella, scella@usc.edu;
Sal Farooq, sfarooq@usc.edu;
Brittnee Gauthier, scella@usc.edu
Affiliated programs: Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT)

PASA Network

The PASA Network is a student run organization for the PASA program that works to promote the academic and professional development of graduate students in the field of postsecondary administration and student affairs. We also coordinate social networking opportunities aimed to develop connections between students within the program, program faculty and staff, alumni and prospective students.

President: Solomon Matthews, scmatthe@usc.edu
Email: pasa.network@gmail.com
Affiliated programs:
Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs (PASA)


The Students of Higher Education Counseling (SHiEC) is a graduate student organization for students in the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Counseling (EC) program at USC. Our organization strives to promote the academic and professional development of graduate students in the field of educational counseling. SHiEC aims to engage members with the community and current events through programming and networking, both within the USC campus and other higher education institutions. As an organization, SHiEC also unites its members and alumni as a support system and professional network for each other throughout their time at USC and beyond.

President: Xiomara Lopez
Email: xiomaral@usc.edu
Website: http://shiecusc.wix.com/usc-shiec
Affiliated programs: Educational Counseling (EC)


We are a student-run organization for everyone who is interested in teaching English. Our goals are: to promote social and intellectual interaction and intercultural exchange among students and faculty interested in the Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages and Teaching of English as a Second or Foreign Language; to share and discuss information about common academic and professional interests; and to serve members and non-members as students-center organization both academically and socially.

President: John Michael Lopez
Email: johnmicl@usc.edu
Affiliated programs: Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages/Teaching of English as a Second or Foreign Language (MAT-TESOL)