FAQs’s for Currently Enrolled Students

On-campus Counseling Services

At the moment, online MAT students do not qualify for on-campus counseling services. The online MAT students are exempt from paying the Health Center fee since they are not located on campus. But we are currently working with the USC Counseling Center to see what resources we can provide for our online students.

Grade Point Average requirement for the MAT program

At no time should the overall GPA drop below 3.0. A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required in a course to receive graduate credit. Work graded C- or below is not acceptable for subject or unit credit toward any master’s or doctoral program. An overall grade point average of at least 3.0 on all units attempted at USC while a graduate student is required for graduation, whether or not all such units are applied toward the degree.

Writing Tutors

  • Request the need for tutoring from your instructor
  • If they see fit, the instructor will contact your student support advisor
  • A review process will be initiated to see if you would be an appropriate candidate for tutoring

Courses Needed with EDUC 568 (Guided Practice)

You will need to take

  • EDUC 543 (ELL) with each Guided Practice
  • EDUC 543A with Guided Practice I and EDUC 543B with Guided Practice II

School Placement Change

Can I have my placement changed to the school of my choice?

Submit a petition, along with a detailed explanation as to why you are requesting the change (location is too far, etc.). The Placement Review Committee will then review your petition and see if they will approve your request.

Accepting a Job and Student Teaching

You cannot student-teach (in other words, do Guided Practice) at the school you are employed at. However, if you are offered a job after you have completed the program, then that is acceptable.

When do Degrees Post

Generally, the degree posts at the *end* of the university semester. So, once the final degree requirement class has ended and the grades are in, the degree should show up on the transcript of all proper advising steps have been followed. (i.e. Grad Checks and applied classes, etc.)

If there is a pending grade (like an IN) outstanding at the end of a program, then the degree will post once that grade has officially been changed. It’s always a good idea to ping Degree Progress once you think a degree is ready to be posted. They can take it from there. For example, when I got that 599 class changed on Monday, I emailed Degree Progress and gave them the names/IDs of the students that should have been completed.

The diploma is automatically triggered once the degree has been posted on the transcript, but it does not ship to the person’s permanent address until 4-6 weeks after that point.

Lift Collections Hold from Account

Contact the USC Collections Office and follow the instructions here.