FAQs for Newly Admitted MAT Students

Access USC Email

All USC students are granted a USC email account.

  • Set up your USC email account
  • Check your email daily for messages from the Masters Program Office concerning registration, news and events. Faculty send important assignments, changes and announcements for class meetings, and other notices to your USC email address.

Contact Through a Non-USC Email Address

Instructions on how to forward your USC email account messages to another account that you use more frequently, can be found at ITS Email Forwarding

Intent to Enroll – Admission is Conditional

Admission is conditional means that you need to pass your first semester classes (CR in EDUC 516, B or higher in both EDUC 517A and 518) in order to continue with the program. Failure to pass these classes will mean dismissal from the program.

Register, Drop or Retake a Class

Register for Classes

Go to the Web Registration site.

a. Enter Student ten digit USC-ID and Pin (Your ten digit USC-ID Number should be posted on any letters you have received from the Admissions Department. Your Pin number is your 6 digit birth date. For example, if you were born January 1, 1980, your pin would be 010180.)
b. Choose the last option which states, “To access the service you requested, click here”
c. Select the term
d. Scroll down to Rossier School of Education
e. Choose the course prefix (e.g. EDUC, MUED, etc.)
f. Choose your class
g. Click add next to the course number, and then add next to the section number. This will add the course to your list at the bottom of the screen
h. Click on Schedule at the bottom of the screen, next to the course,
i. Click Commit Changes on the overhead toolbar
j. Click Proceed to Register.

Note: Scheduling a class is not the same as enrolling in a class. You are not registered in the class until you hit the Commit Changes button during your web registration process.

Drop a Class

As a courtesy, let your professor(s) know that you are dropping the course. It is also advised that you connect with your Academic Advisor so that she/he can provide you support on future schedules, additional support, etc.

Before the add/drop deadline (To Unregister):

  1. Log on to: http://my.usc.edu using your USC email username and password
  2. Scroll down to the box of ‘Single Sign-In Quicklinks’ and Select: Web Registration
  3. Select Current Term
  4. You should now see the classes you are registered for listed in the lower half of the screen under: “Current Course Selection”
  5. To unscheduled your class, click on the small blue link that says “Unschedule”
  6. Click on the blue button that says “Commit Changes”. You can find this in the upper right hand part of the screen.
  7. You will get a message that says: You are about to drop the following sections. The class you want to drop should be listed. Click “Submit”
  8. You should get a response that your requested transaction was “SUCCESSFULLY completed”. Make sure you get this response.
  9. Repeat this process to drop any other classes.
  10. Return to the main page, the course you dropped should no longer be included in “Current Course Selection”

After the add/drop deadline:

  1. Let your professors and Academic Advisor know as courtesy
  2. Write an email to the Registrar’s Office announcing your intentions to drop your course(s).
  3. Send the email via your official USC email account for security purposes.Include your full name, 10-digit USC ID number, the semester you are in, the section number (ex. 27850, for EDUC 517), and (ex. Summer 2010).
  4. Please contact your academic advisor about dropping your class
  5. You may also want to contact financial aid and let them know you are dropping.

Missed the First Drop Deadline

If the first drop deadline is missed, students will still be able to withdraw from their courses up to the withdraw deadline. The student will receive a W-grade which won’t affect their gpa, but the student will still be held financially responsible for the course.

If I am enrolled in classes, never go, and miss the drop and withdraw deadlines, will I still be charged full tuition?

If you have never attended classes, there may be a way that you can petition to retroactively drop your class without financial penalty. Please contact your academic advisor for more information. You can also contact the Academic Review department to see if you have a strong enough case to petition.

Retake a Class

– A “C -” or below is considered failing for graduate credit. Therefore, those courses must be repeated however note that the grades will be averaged into your GPA.

Keep in mind:

  • You will need a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) or higher in order to start your Guided Practice or Capstone.
  • You cannot re-take a course that you received a “C” or higher in.
  • Students should always contact their Academic Advisor directly once they’ve learned that they have not passed a course.

Received a NC (no credit) in Framing course EDUC 516

You must retake EDUC 516 prior to moving forward in any other courses. Conditional Admit students however must meet the specific academic requirements outlined in their Intent to Enroll.

Leave of Absence

Follow the LOA policy as stated on page 86 of the academic catalogue.

  • Student must be in good standing.
  • Must be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward a degree.
  • LOA must be requested by the last day to drop or add courses.
  • Request must include a plan for academic progress upon return.
  • Fill out the general information at the top of the General Petition form.
  • Check the LOA box
  • Signed and date the form
  • Return the LOA form to the advisor in a pdf from your USC email account.
  • Submit the LOA form to the Assistant Director, Job Springer for approval.

Pay Tuition and View Grades

Log into myUSC

  • Account information and payments click USCe.pay under the “Single sign-on quicklinks.”
  • Grades click OASIS. Note:OASIS is also found under “Single sign-on quicklinks.”

Financial Aid Distribution

The disbursement dates vary according to each term. Please check with the Financial Aid office for disbursement dates.

If Loans Don’t Cover the Cost of Tuition

Contact the Financial Aid office to see if you can apply for additional loans. Contact the USC Collections office to see if you can set up a payment plan that fits for you.

Transfer or Change Concentration

Transfer/switch from Single to Multiple Subject Concentration or from One Subject to Another

  • Contact your student support advisor to initiate the process of switching concentrations (whether it is from single-subject to multiple-subject, or from an English concentration to a Social Studies concentration).
  • Keep in mind that all requests need to be made before the fifth week of EDUC 518.
  • The student support advisor will refer your request to the academic reviewer who will either approve or deny the switch.

Change Concentration

You can not change your concentration if you do not have adequate preparation in certain subject areas. Once you have been denied a concentration change you must pursue the concentration you were given when admitted to the program.

Change from Full-time to Part-time

To change from full-time status to part-time, contact your academic advisor who can assist you in reorganizing your program of student.

Will this affect my expected graduation date?

Reducing your course load to part-time may affect your expected graduation date.

How will going from full-time to part-time affect my financial aid?

Financial aid is distributed based on a maximum of 8 units and a minimum of 4 units. Any change in the amount of units taken should be discussed with your academic advisor and the financial aid department. Less aid is given for part-time students.

Can I work at the same school I am student teaching?

No. Guided Practice is a full-time commitment and it is understood prior to acceptance that MAT students will not be able to work during the time they are enrolled in Guided Practice.

Documents Need to Start Guided Practice

Please refer to the MAT Degree Credential Checklist.