First Year


  • students take the core and required courses
  • undergo a doctoral screening
  • register for second year classes

Doctoral Screening Timeline


Program office holds individual meetings with first year students to discuss:

  • Transition into the program
  • First semester courses
  • Research interests
  • Fit with advisor


Program office meets with first year cohort as a whole to discuss:

  • Doctoral screening process
  • Materials for screening dossier


Advisors meet individually with chair and program director to discuss all students’:

  • Academic progress
  • Potential research work, publications, teaching assistantships
  • Qualifying exam, dissertation and job prospects


First year students submit screening dossier to program office and screening committee, including:

  • Proposed list of courses and potential cognate
  • CV
  • Two page written assessment based on screening criteria


Screening committee meets to discuss:

  • Dossiers
  • Academic progress
  • Collaborate on future strategies

Steps to Register for Second Year


  • Select Classes
  • Start consulting with faculty advisor regarding program of study
  • Refer to the current and past schedule of classes to select courses
  • Use the program of study form as a guide


  • Register for classes
  • Schedule of classes for fall is released
  • Request departmental (D) clearance from the department offering the class
  • Register on the first day of registration to be sure to get a spot
  • Most students TA for their faculty advisor in a PhD or EdD class