DSC Services

Scheduling Paper Reviews

  1. Contact your assigned writing advisor to schedule a review date for your paper or dissertation via email or by phone. Make an appointment with your assigned advisor.
  2. Submit your draft within 48 business hours of the scheduled review date.
  3. The scheduled review will consist of your writing advisor reviewing your paper for clarity and coherency, and providing feedback via email (or in-person when a meeting is requested).

Note: It is very important to plan ahead.   Schedule reviews in advance especially during peak periods.  Requests for a quick turn around will depend on the writing advisor’s caseload.

Generally, a paper or a course assignment is reviewed only once.  Chapters for a proposal or dissertation can be reviewed multiple times prior to the defense.

Individual Student Meetings

You may schedule individual meetings with your assigned writing advisor to discuss a variety of issues pertaining to academic writing, the dissertation process or feedback provided on drafts.  These meetings can be held in person, over the phone, or online.


We offer presentations on topics associated with graduate study. Presentation topics include how to write a literature review, prepare for the proposal and dissertation defenses, and deal with issues of procrastination and managing your busy lives while working on your dissertations.  Some presentations are offered online for those students who are not able to come to the University Park campus.

Upcoming Events

Writing Workshops

All doctoral students are welcome to attend Weekend Writes and Thursday Night Writes as we support students in all phases of the program.  These workshops provide students the opportunity to commit to writing and have an advisor available to assist with questions regarding academic writing or the dissertation process. There is no cost for attending. Students are encouraged to develop individual writing goals and plans. You can attend as an individual or create a writing group which meets regularly. Students are encouraged to coordinate with their writing advisor for meetings and to schedule any review dates for drafts. Please  if you are interested in attending.

Working with Thematic Dissertation Groups

We provide the following services to your thematic dissertation group:

  • Presenting at your meetings on any topics pertaining to academic writing and the dissertation process
  • Coaching a group of students who meet voluntarily to discuss their dissertation projects