Additional Resources

Graduate School Web Site
Provides information about:

  • Thesis/Dissertation submission deadlines
  • Thesis/Dissertation submission packets (Ph.D. and Master’s degree packets are available at this website)
  • Format and Presentation guidelines for dissertations
  • List of USC approved thesis and dissertation editors
  • Role of the outside faculty member of guidance and dissertation committees.

The American Psychological Association’s Website
Provides information about:

  • The APA style
  • The current and 6th edition of APA style manual, and a pocket guide to APA style called “Concise Rules of APA Style” can both be purchased via this website.

USC Libraries Website
Provides access to:

  • Article databases including ERIC and PsycINFO as well as electronic journals
  • Dissertation database
  • Other resources relevant to education topics
  • Contact info for education librarian

Google Scholar
It provides a way to search for scholarly literature. You can search across disciplines and sources from peer reviewed papers, to theses, books, abstracts and articles from academic journals.

For instructions on how to access DSC’s online programs via Blackboard, go to DSC on Blackboard.

Downloadable Resources